Wellington Point Recreation Reserve beach

Intention to Feel Good

As I was sitting on a bench looking at the sea, it made me realize how beautiful and serene the place I was resting.  It was my intention to feel good one morning; to sit for 30 minutes on a bench at Wellington Point Recreation Reserve. The never-ending house chores that I was about to face like washing the dishes and cleaning the house had to wait.

I chose that for half an hour, it will be my ME TIME. No guilty feeling whatsoever. I will enjoy my company and feel good.

For 30 minutes I made myself focus on the people and the environment I was in. I didn’t drown my mind with worries, doubts, fears while sitting there.  At that moment,  welcoming bothersome thoughts in my head will just waste a lovely scenery in front of me.

Here is the list of what I have observed.

  1. The tree near me

I don’t even know the name of the tree beside me but it gave me a nice shade from the sun. I read the many advantages if you will just stay near the trees for a while.

The cool breeze under the tree is more calming than the full blast air conditioner in a room during summer.

People living and working in a concrete jungle will benefit from this. Thank you tree.


  1. The sea view

It is just so mesmerizing to just stare at the sea. I came and it was still low tide. After half an hour, the waves covered the sand the people were walking on. There was a small boat and a yacht from afar. I noticed from a distance three airplanes from Brisbane airport flew to the skies. I saw a father pointing to his daughter where the plane was. Following the direction the man was pointing,  I just noticed how lovely the blue sky was. It was wonderful. No cute fluffy cloud in sight. It was just sky-blue in its full splendor.

The sea was so tranquil. The waves were gentle as if taking their time to cover the sand. Looking at the waves made my mind go blank. I wasn’t thinking about the past or the future. My mind was preoccupied with the slow tide.


wellington point recreation reserve sea view


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  1. The people with dogs

As I was walking, two people with dogs greeted me with a friendly smile at different time intervals. An old guy acknowledged me with a warm “Hello” and another woman said “Good morning!” with a smile. There is something about persons with dogs. They seem kind with cheerful faces. They don’t look intimidating.

I greeted them back with a merry “Hello!”. It feels good to be acknowledged by other people. For me, the art of greeting is slowly becoming a lost art as most people today have earphones connected to their smartphones. They are talking to someone miles away or busy tapping their apps.


  1. The family

One way of bonding with family is to go to the beach. It is free. I lost count of families spending time with their children. I noticed a mother ( I assume) taking photos of her twins who were enjoying playing with the rising sea waves on their legs.

As a mother, I know the feeling you get from endless house chores. I was pleased with that mum who made the time to take her twins to the beach and spend time with them. She could have chosen to finish the laundry, scrub the kitchen sink or do computer work. No. Spending time with family is always time well spent.


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  1. The calmness

The mind of a mother is like a busy intersection – thoughts come and go non-stop. Sitting on a bench near the beach helped me reach the peace my mind needed. It was just like meditation with the help of the immediate environment – the sea.

Sometimes, it is such a terrific gift for yourself to go out of your routine and do something else just for the sake of it. A change of scenery and tasks can do wonders for the psyche. Most of the time, the intention to feel good is achieved.


  1. The couple

As I was still enjoying my company on the bench, I noticed an old couple carrying two folding chairs. They sat under the tree to my left side. The old man was drinking a can of beer. I wasn’t sure if they were talking but both of them were also gazing at the sea like me.

I think they love each other because their arms were close. They sat so near to one other. They didn’t show a body language of disgust in each other’s presence. How sweet.


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  1. Fishing

Like sports, I have no idea with regards to fishing. When I decided to leave, I still saw the man fishing from afar, taking advantage of the changing tide. He was all covered up and alone.


  1. A question

As I was still captivated by the sea view, I didn’t notice the man with long curly hair to my left. He asked me a question that went something like this “Is the sea going in or going out?”


After staring at the sea for so long, my brain couldn’t think straight so I  blurted out “I don’t know.”


He smiled and replied “ I better go next time then. ” and left.


Wow, what an informative person I came out to be!  *giggling*



  1. The healthy ones

I admire people who chose the right path to good health like taking a brisk walk near the beach. While I was sitting comfortably basking in all the gloriousness of my surroundings, other people were sweating it out.


Some started running while talking to someone on the phone. Others were brisk walking with their cute and cuddly dogs. Catching up with a friend while walking on the footpath was a delight to see. A guy rode his bike. There I was, a witness to their bodily evolution to greatness.


  1. The birds

The pelican and the seagulls are the common birds you will often see at Wellington Point Recreation Reserve. Be warned that the seagulls will bravely go to your picnic place if they see exposed food near you.


I love looking at these birds especially when it is windy. The seagulls just spread their wings and glide mid-air. The pelican just lazily perched on one of the light posts.


sea gulls at Wellington Point Recreation Reserve


This ME TIME  I gave myself for half an hour made me come home invigorated. I went out of my self-imposed to-do lists for the day. Seizing the moment to enjoy the beauty of the sea is worth it. Most people ( including myself )take for granted the magnificence of interesting places that are just a hop and skip away.


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Yes, we are busy, sometimes too busy. All it takes is a decision to say to yourself, “STOP, I CHOOSE TO RELAX TODAY AND THIS WILL MAKE ME FEEL GOOD.” I picked a free activity and didn’t’ spend a cent.


My dear reader, where ever you are, may you have a relaxing day that will make you feel good, NOW.