What are the 10 advantages of having sons?

“Have another child. Maybe it is a girl this time.” This is the top comment I always get from acquaintances and even friends. I am happy and grateful with my three sons so I am enumerating my ten advantages of having them.

  1. Fewer mood swings

During conversations, I often hear mothers complain about their daughter’s mood swings especially during that time of the month. When girls are young, they tend to fight for what they want. As if the mother and daughter are competing to be the queen bee of the house.  I cannot relate to this. With my sons, they also have their moments but not that nasty.

  1. Big help in carrying heavy loads

They are now a great help when we decide some things are better at the dumping site. Move the furniture. Bring the ladder here or there.  Put the luggage in the car. Help mum put the bags of groceries in the trolley. Assist mum in getting the groceries from the car to the house especially the 10 kg bag of rice!

three boys in a photo
The clothes are worth it. My sons don’t care if the clothes aren’t new!
  1. Hand-me-down clothes are the norm for having three boys in the family.

You can also have hand-me-down clothes with daughters too if the clothes are still in fashion. With my boys now, it is just simple fashion: t-shirt, shorts, jeans or pants. These staple items do not go out of style. The clothes could be worn for years.

  1. Bathroom use is a lot faster.

My son told me that when he was in camp, all the boys were ready while the girls were still in the bathrooms. At home, taking a shower and brushing teeth took 12 minutes.

Having sons is also good for the environment. They can pee at the same time.  Only one toilet flush is needed.

  1. Shopping is quick.

The boys are like men. When they go to the store, there must be a purpose why they should be there. If we are in a shopping center, we will buy socks, underwear and jeans.  Those are the goals then go home. We are finished in an hour.

My boys do not want to go shopping with me especially if they know I do not have anything particular to buy. They know by heart that one hour for me is not enough.

  1. Boys can carry on the family name.

I come from a culture where I changed my last name and used the last name of my husband when we got married. I do not know about my sons’ future but if they get married, our last name will go on.

three voys on air at the beach
T-shirts, shorts and good old running shoes.. done! Let’s go!
  1. Fewer expenses for accessories

I do not have to buy makeup, bra, sanitary pads and accessories like necklaces to match the clothes.

  1. Boys don’t get pregnant.

I overheard conversations were the parents stalked their daughter while on a date because of fear the couple might do something irresponsible.  The fear is real and it is more intense with raising girls.

You might tell me that the boys might get someone pregnant. Yes, that is another issue. I am scared out of my wits.

  1. Aside from my husband, I have another male’s point of view three times.

Men and women think differently.  I was telling my sons“ I was just looking at the goods.” They all started giggling. “ Mum, it sounds so wrong. Looking at the goods. Hahaha.”

I was thinking about the store items and the boys were thinking about private parts.

Sometimes it is interesting to learn how boys think because it gives me a fresh perspective about what is going on in their heads.

  1. I have the power to raise loving men.

World news is filled with bad representatives of the male species. I could make a difference to society by trying my very best to raise loving, loyal, respectful, resilient, disciplined and productive male citizens. They will be future dads, husbands, uncles, friends, workers, colleagues, volunteers or possibly even the boss. Who knows? I am not a perfect mum and still learning lessons along the way. Getting all the help I need is what I will do.

mother and three boys in front of a large temple
I hope and pray I am raising them right.. so help me God.

How about you?  What are the benefits of having sons?

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