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10 Terrific Advantages of Hugs

Have you felt the feeling of frustration, almost teary-eyed that when someone gave you a hug, you felt better? Here is my list of 10 terrific advantages of hugs that will convince you to HUG MORE. Give an unlimited supply of hugs!

  1. It is an act of showing one’s love.

Kisses are good but the add-on hugs are also essential. Can you imagine telling the person you love him/her and hugs are non-existent when you meet them? It doesn’t make sense. Hugs will always be a part of the relationship.

Whether the person is your parent, partner, child, brother, sister, relative, close friend and co-worker (if a family friend), embracing them shows that you care deeply for them.

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  1. It provides assurance.

As a mother, there are times in life when you feel overwhelmed by the challenges facing you. You feel confused, tired, angry, doubtful, miserable and a mixture of the feelings mentioned.

Here comes the partner or your own child affected by the emotions you show whether consciously or not. Family hugs provide assurance that everything will be alright. Tight hugs from family provide feelings of safety, healing, and belongingness. No matter what, you have a family or a friend who loves you and all of you will get through this TOGETHER.


old couple hugging

Photo by Anastasia Vityukova on Unsplash

  1. It relaxes you.

The weather is cold. It is raining outside. You sit down on the sofa drinking a cup of hot chocolate ( or a glass of wine!)  with your blanket AND with your special someone hugging you. It is such a wonderful feeling of comfort and relaxation. You don’t want to be anywhere but just BE there at that moment. It is bliss… as if time stood still.

This does not only apply to our fellow human beings. Hugging our pets decreases our stress.


man hugging a pet dog

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash


  1. It is a gesture of appreciation.

Your child comes home with good news about something that happened in school. As a parent you are beaming with pride saying “ Wow, well done!” then follow-up with a kiss and a hug.

Your partner did something out of the ordinary like doing a chore you usually do. With a pleased heart, you say “ THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS.” Add hugs after that compliment.

Will these events happen again? Of course, they will.


  1. It is one way of showing your sympathy.

When someone opens up to you, sometimes you don’t know what to say. You have no idea about the pain they are going through. It is too complicated. The best way is to give hugs.

The person is experiencing grief. Sorrow is too much to handle especially when someone died. Just being there with them and a tight hug are signs of compassion. Faith is strengthened. 

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  1. It is one way of showing you are happy for the other person.

“ I am getting married!”  A friend shows her engagement ring.

“ I am pregnant!”  It is a wonderful surprise after waiting for this for so long.

“ I won the lottery!” Well, this is a huge turn of good luck. With the hug, you might ask for a treat too! * giggling*

“ I got the promotion!” After all the hard work, the position is finally given.

“ She finally said YES!”  She decided to spend the rest of her life with you.

“ I got the job! The business deal!” It definitely calls for a celebration.

“ Mum, Dad, I am part of the team!”  (insert the sports chosen)

“ We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.”  They must have done something good!

“ Mum, Dad, I got an award!” As a parent, you must have done something good!( This is a song taken from The Sound of Music.)

” Happy Birthday!” Growing old is a blessing.

“ I decided to learn to love myself and not allow other people to take advantage of me.”  Hearing that from a friend who turns his/her life around makes your heart so glad.  *warm hugs*

three boys hugging their mother
Mum, we are glad you are feeling better now.


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  1. It is a manifestation of passion.

According to website psychology today, there are 7 types of love. One of them is eros or passionate love.  Do you remember the time when you fell in love? All those mushy, good feelings inside you that make you giggle and go crazy just because.

Romantic couples often do this. When the number of hugs starts to go down through the years then something is not right. What is going on?  I see old couples still hug each other. Furthermore, they still hold hands while walking!


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  1. It calms down a person.

Your child came home upset or discouraged crying his/her heart out. It depends upon the child on what strategies they use to handle their meltdown.  However, on the part of the parent, one way is hugging the child until he/she calms down.

Based on my experience, I let them weep. You only get the gist in between sighs and sobs. When they are ready to talk, I listen.


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  1. It is a way you are showing to the world that you are friendly.

I understand the people who are not comfortable with hugs. I consider their personal boundaries. However, when I see a female acquaintance or a familiar face from school or church I often chat with, I usually give a quick hug.

I am a factory of hugs. Based on my experience, of all the people I offered my hugs, only two people resisted it. I don’t know their reason but I learned that I live in a multicultural society. I respect their cultural background.

Moreover, according to the website of the National Day Calendar, National Hugging Day is 21st of January every year. This is just in case you need a reason why you are giving a hug.

National Hugging Day
Do you really have to wait for this day?


  1. It keeps you healthy.

According to nbcnews, when you hug, the body releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin and the endogenous opioid system (neurons in the brain that can produce soothing chemicals), both of which can boost health. As the saying goes, Health is Wealth.

The more hugs you give, the more you get back. When you make others feel good with your hugs, it creates a good feeling in you too.

Hugs, embrace, cuddles or whatever word you call it in your native language, it is such a delightful act that you want to give and receive it over and over.

friends hugging each other

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash


My dear reader, may you have enough hugs that will make your life filled with love, joy, peace and good health. Take care.  Sending my digital warm hug in 5…4…3…2…1…   HUG.