Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art: An Eye-Opening Review 2013-2017

If you are going to Brisbane, Australia then I highly suggest you visit Gallery of Modern Art or GOMA for short. If you are an Art lover then you will certainly appreciate it.  I love GOMA and let me count my 10 reasons from the year 2013.

14 April 2013 Photos

children with an upside down elephant
Upside down elephant: The art that is a good prop for a photo shoot
children playing trains
Playing with trains inside an artistically designed room

10 Reasons why I love Gallery of Modern Art

You don’t know what to expect.

When we went to Gallery of Modern Art for the first time in 2013, we didn’t know what to expect. We saw it as a Brisbane tourist attraction in Google. We decided to visit it out of curiosity. Now we know why it is a part of a must visit in Brisbane. We have gone there for 4 years now and the art gallery never ceases to amaze me.

18 July 2014 photos

mother and son with bulls made out of tin cans
Recycled tin cans
father and son looking at an exhibit
Hey, look up!

The exhibits of the Gallery of Modern Art are visually appealing and often unique.

Our 2014 visit made us say “ What is that?!”  The problem with having a preschool child with you was we had to keep moving to see the next exhibit. Expect not to have enough time to read the information about the interesting displays when you have a youngster pulling you to the next item.

19 April 2015 photos

small boy with Aboriginal Art behind him
Aboriginal Art
Japanese Art
Japanese Art

A visit to the Gallery of Modern Art exposes you to different types of art across cultures.

I have seen excellent artworks of different cultures and among them is Aboriginal Art. I always make it a point to stop and appreciate the beauty of it.

The children had the opportunity to learn by getting involved with the exhibits.

Going inside a colorful room full of stickers was eye-catching. We all had our own stickers and started adding more all over the place. It was a delight to see and be a part of it! If there is a computer in the room, expect the child to sit and start clicking or tapping if it is a touch screen. It was learning by doing.

two boys inside a colorful room full of stickers
Colorful stickers all over the room. Start sticking!
boy creating a face on a touch screen
Technology is definitely a magnet for children.

12 January 2016 photos

Moreover, Gallery of Modern Art balances the child-friendly activities by teaching the youngsters the old ways and new ways of doing things.

Showing the designs of the patterns on paper
Showing the designs of the patterns on paper
The high-tech way of playing cars and writing at the same time
The high-tech way of playing cars and writing at the same time


16 April 2017 photos

Boosting children’s creativity is a guarantee because there were always available materials for them to use.

There is an option for the young ones not to go in front of a computer or touch screen. The good old pieces of paper, scissors, glue, pictures plus their wild imagination were enough to consume 30 minutes for them to create a distinctive artwork. That is also the parents’ time to sit down and relax before walking starts again!

father and son making masks
Mask making with daddy

Gallery of Modern Art is a free venue for family bonding time.

Every time we went to the city of Brisbane, we first dropped by GOMA to see the latest displays. The family got to marvel at unusual collections. We created artworks together that we could take home. Gallery of Modern Art is already a part of our treasured memories because through the years we all had a marvelous time in this place.

The art gallery became a playground for children and adults alike.

When we decided to look around at GOMA this year 2017, the museum was celebrating its 10th birthday. The collection was its best displays. We will not forget the almost two-story high slides because it was near the entrance of the gallery. The queue was long but the boys loved it and kept going back. Even adults had fun!

Two boys beside almost two story high slides

We saw endangered birds.

We didn’t have to travel far or take a hike to see the endangered birds in Australia. Just be quiet and listen to them. It was bird watching in an air-conditioned room!

boy with birds behind him
Ssshhhhh… be quiet. Look at the birds!

Throughout the four years, the photos during our visit were always amazing!

The pictures were all Instagram worthy ones and admirable Facebook posts. However, flash photography is not allowed.

boy with a giant fluffy exhibit
It looked like a huge cotton candy. (2017)


boy with a giant skeleton behind him
Mum, take my photo with this!(2017)
mother and son with giant white horses behind them
HORSES! (2016)
two boys with the Lenin Peak background
Lenin Peak ( From Queensland to Kazakhstan album) 2013

The boys loved the automatic shots.After 10 seconds, the huge camera will take a photo again.

30 July 2017 photos

Gallery of Modern Art showed their popular exhibits this Year 2017 with their theme Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All the images and activities you saw through the years were all free. However, the last visit we had was not and we had to pay $60 for 2 adults and 3 children. The good news is, IT WAS WORTH IT!! ( screaming loud and I do not care!) My family and I are all Marvel movie fans.

If you are a MARVEL movie fan, then I highly suggest to you to go to Gallery of Modern Art as soon as you can because the exhibit will only be until 3rd of September 2017. We enjoyed it a lot!

The costumes of Captain America, Iron Man, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Dr. Strange and other Marvel characters too many to mention were impressive. The captivating props were also there!

a boy with three Iron Man suits
Iron Man’s suits through the years

All the people in there were like small children thrilled to see everything. I was screaming inside with excitement when I spotted the familiar items like Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s suit etc.

three boys in front of the Asgard Throne Room
Asgard Throne Room

We were able to find the props used for the upcoming movie Thor Ragnarok this November 2017. We had our re-entry stamps on our wrists because I wanted to go back to stare at the displays some more. The boys wanted to play with the computers presenting trivia about all the Marvel characters like their origins and powers.

A woman having a fist bump with Hulk Buster
Fist bump with Hulk Buster

Even if you didn’t watch any Marvel Movie, you will still appreciate the objects on display because there were film clips from the movies showing how the props were used. As a result, most of the people took the time to watch the short videos because they showed the highlights of all the Marvel movies.

a boy with Ant Man costume behind him
Ant Man costume

Gallery of Modern Art will always be a part of our journey when we visit the city. It is a place where learning is fun!

A woman with Rocket and Groot behind her
Rocket and Groot


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Wellington Point Recreation Reserve: The Place We Go To When I don’t want to face Mondays

kayak near the beach

small tree near the beach

“Let us go to Wellington Point.” is what I say to my family after attending Sunday mass. I do not want to drive yet to the grocery store. I do not want to go home and do the cooking and ironing.

It is Sunday morning and the weekend is almost over. I want to breathe! It is too late to go to far-away places to relax. The nearest place to go that I really like (a 10-minute drive) is Wellington Point Recreation Reserve!

We came here in Australia in 2010 but the appeal of this place is still the same: peaceful and family friendly.  It is free and open from 4 am to 10 pm.

Let me share with you why I love this place.

1.   It is calm and peaceful.

bench near the beach

This is my favorite bench. I always sit here when it is available. While the boys are in the playground or playing ball games with their daddy, I stare at the sea. Are you like me or am I just creepy?

2. The park has a wide open space to fly a kite, play ball games or enjoy other outdoor activities.

Children today spend a lot of time with their gadgets. Solution: Let them go outside to play like what my generation used to.  It is my duty to make them normal human beings. Playing in the park gives them the chance to interact with other youngsters.

big trees
family bonding time
  1. Have a picnic under the tree or under a roof.

There is always a picnic rug in our car if we decide to eat somewhere. Sometimes, we bring the leftovers in the kitchen or buy fast food like roast chicken! Yummy! My family will survive as long as there is cooked rice and roast chicken. This is family bonding on a budget. Boom!

  1. The park is the walking path of dog-lovers.

Wellington Point Recreation Reserve gave me the chance to see various breeds of dogs from the cute and fluffy to the massive ones that can absolutely put me down with its weight.

  1. It is the perfect venue for birthday celebrations except during thunderstorms.

I cannot count anymore the birthday celebrations I attended at Wellington Point. Every time I see the place, it reminds of the happy memories of eating and talking non-stop with friends.

One advice I can give you is to come very early to get the tables and benches you prefer. There are many kids celebrating their birthdays on Saturdays and Sundays.

Appoint someone who will prepare the table cover and birthday decorations so when the party starts, the guests can see immediately where you are.

barbecue place
The barbecue place
  1. There are playgrounds for small and big kids.

playground at Wellington Point

Playgrounds are the solutions to improve the social skills of children who got used to being by themselves and their gadgets. I noticed my boys talking and taking turns with other children in the playground every time we go there.

  1. I love the big trees.

three boys near big trees

The trees remind me of my carefree days of climbing the guava tree with my cousins and enjoying the breeze. Those were childhood memories worth remembering.

  1. You can purchase food and drinks near the beach.

There is coffee for people who want to chat.  Feed the hungry family with fish and chips. Ice cream is available all year-long.

  1. King Island is the reason to start walking while it is still low tide.

My husband and I tried to walk to King Island during low tide. It took us 30 minutes to reach it. We made sure we went back to the mainland before high tide.

  1. It is the place to relax from sunrise to sunset.

The sunrise and sunset views of Wellington Point Recreation Reserve are stunning. It is a relaxing place for everyone from families, couples, people with pets and people with their super cool boats, kayaks and other water sports equipment.

kayak near the beach

What is your favorite nearby place to go to?

Road trip is one of the solutions to life’s daily routine. Go and explore!

road trip

road trip

Road trip is the solution to life’ daily routine. Yes, this is definitely true on my part. For me, when the household tasks are becoming mind-numbing, I immediately tell my husband “Let us go out and have a road trip somewhere.”

My husband will immediately ask “Where are we going?” My answer is often “I don’t know. Let’s just go out.”

Being a mother is overwhelming. There are times I couldn’t think sensibly. When I overheard a conversation that her children are driving her crazy, I realized I am not alone! Thank God my boys are not driving me crazy, the chores do! Solution: Get out of the rut and do something different.

I am the kind of person who likes to travel. I enjoy going to places that I haven’t been before. I get excited even if I already have seen the place. The memories of the visit bring back a smile to my face. Every time I come back, I see something different. I see a new beauty to it.

picnic bench near huge trees

For example, these huge trees at Picnic Point were not even noticed before. When we had a stopover, I got mesmerized by their stillness. I like how dark green the leaves were. As if they are telling me, take a picture of us! Post us on Instagram! Of course, I did and with filters.

small boy near a huge tree

Moreover, nature is a sight to behold. I couldn’t get enough of it. It soothes my eyes. The cobwebs in my mind were blown away by the breeze. I know I am melodramatic right now.  The views made my chaotic mind go still and just went blank. It was meditation at its finest with a fantastic backdrop.

view from Picnic Point

I watched movies showing horrifying and funny road trips of families. That is just Hollywood. As a mother of 12, 10 and 6-year-old boys, this is a bonding time moment for us.

One mother told me that I have to enjoy their presence now while they are still around and need me. In the future, I could be one of the mums begging for their time and attention.  Wow, that escalated quickly. I was just talking about road trips.

Raising three boys is a huge responsibility. Going on a road trip is both a mini-vacation and a cheaper version of therapy for a mum whose household duties are unlimited.

This is my strategy to overcome the I-had-enough-of-this-feeling. Tell me the place you went to that relaxed your mind or brought you the Zen mode.